It often starts with the outline of an idea. The joy is working through that idea and developing a new creation or structure woven from willow.

Maybe you have a project that will reflect your values, or fulfil the vision, of you or your organisation. Let’s make your ideas come to life. Please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you want a custom basket, please use our online form:

Trio of oak leaves

Made for a National Trust property these were woven as part of a sculpture trail. Delving in to the myriad of different oak leaves, we selected 3 to replicate as large oak leaf willow sculptures.

Wickerman Alton Towers

I was lucky enough to do all the willow theming for the ‘Wickerman’ rollercoaster at Alton Towers. This was a 3 month project and entailed over 100 panels, 3 metre totem poles as well as this 2 sides sculpture of their wicker man design.


Bunny is part of a sculpture trail in Tamworth. My aim with this sculpture was to create texture with the weave using multiple rods at a time. Hopefully creating depth and a sense of movement.


I created this sculpture during a 4 day stint as ‘artist in residence’ at The Ruthin Gallery. A great project to be part of & a fantastic venue.

Deer & Fawn

My aim when creating willow animal sculptures is to bring a sense of movement & life. If you have a commission request please get in touch.

Snowdrops at wallington hall

These willow sculptures were commissioned by the National Trust to promote Wallington Hall’s huge snowdrop planting extravaganza. The trio shows the evolution of a snowdrop with the largest reaching 4 metres tall.